1 December 1999

New TV ANYTIME FORUM issues first call for contributions

At its third meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland, the TV Anytime Forum agreed to issue a Call For Contributions (CFC). The TV Anytime Forum is inviting contributions that address both requirements and technologies to enable it to specify tools for metadata, content referencing and rights management for open-standard digital personal content storage systems.

The TV Anytime Forum is starting technical activities in regard to the issues identified in the CFC document on the basis of a preliminary view taken by its participants of the essential requirements that need to be addressed. At the same time, the TV Anytime Forum is seeking input and views from interested parties on requirements that it should take into consideration.

This process will result in a draft specification for Content Referencing being published in July 2000, followed by a draft Metadata specification in September and a Rights Management specification in December.

The objective is to develop open specifications for interoperable and integrated systems that will allow Consumer Electronics Manufacturers, Content Creators, Telcos, Broadcasters and Service Providers to exploit high volume digital storage in consumer platforms. The TV Anytime Forum will specify the necessary security structures to protect the interests of all parties involved.

The TV Anytime Forum invites participation from all interested organisations. Membership is open to all who sign the Memorandum of Understanding and attend meetings. Meetings are held at approximately two-month intervals in Europe, North America, and Asia, in rotation.

Simon Parnall, elected Chairman of the TV Anytime Forum, said "More than forty organisations from around the world have recognised the urgent need to work together to develop open specifications for digital personal content storage systems. This will bring benefits to viewers and to a wide range of industries. We look forward to receiving responses to our CFC, and to making rapid progress."

Responses are invited from members and non-members in accordance with the submissions procedure contained in the CFC document, which is to be published on the TV Anytime Forum Website (www.tv-anytime.org) by the 18th December 1999. The deadlines for submissions are staged to allow contributions to address requirements and technologies in separate steps. Contributions on Requirements are invited as soon as possible or by the 10th March 2000 at the latest. Documents listing finalised sets of requirements will be developed by the TV Anytime Forum and some made publicly available by the 7th April 2000. Contributions may address one or more subjects of the call: Metadata, Content Referencing and Rights Management.

Call for Contributions
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