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23 August 2000

TV-Anytime Forum Publishes First Draft Specification on Content Referencing
Review of usage and business models for PDR industry also released

Open-standard Personal Digital Recorders (PDRs) and the industry that will serve them take a step closer to reality with publication of the TV-Anytime Forum's first draft specification on Content Referencing. Concurrently, the Forum has published an updated review of usage and business models in the PDR environment.

PDRs are set to revolutionise the way media content is distributed and used. The TV-Anytime Forum is developing open specifications for interoperable and integrated systems to allow broadcasters and other service providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, content creators and telecommunications companies to maximise effective use of high-capacity digital storage in consumer devices.

Beyond the current specification on Content Referencing, future publications will address Metadata and Content Rights Management & Protection. Simon Parnall, Chairman of the TV-Anytime Forum, reports, "More than 100 organizations from around the world have joined the TV-Anytime Forum during the last 10 months. Together, we have been building a vision 
of the future. That vision moves nearer to realization today as the Forum achieves a major milestone with publication of its first draft specification on Content Referencing."

The draft specification on Content Referencing defines the process whereby PDRs will be able to identify, locate and acquire programmes automatically from a wide range of sources. The specification defines the Content Reference Identifier (CRID) that is used to identify a specific content item. A location resolution process can then use the CRID to identify a 'locator,' which specifies where and when the content item can be acquired.

The draft specification and related requirements documents published by the TV-Anytime Forum, together with the updated description of the TV-Anytime Environment, are available from the Forum's website at This site also contains detailed information on the membership and activities of the Forum.

The TV-Anytime Forum encourages all interested organizations to review the draft specification document on Content Referencing, and welcomes responses. These should be submitted by 18 September 2000, addressed to the TV-Anytime Forum's secretariat:

Elisabeth Ecoffey
17A Ancienne Rte
CH - 1218 Grand-Saconnex/GE
Tel: +41 22 717 27 23
Fax: +41 22 7474 723

About the TV-Anytime Forum: Formed in 1999, the TV Anytime Forum is developing open specifications for interoperable and integrated systems that will allow consumer electronics manufacturers, content creators, telecommunications companies, broadcasters and other service providers to most effectively utilize high-volume digital storage in consumer devices. 
The group invites participation from all interested organizations. At present its meetings are held at approximately two-month intervals in Europe, North America, and Asia.

For further information, contact the chairman Simon Parnall ( Additional information (including a complete listing of current member companies) is available at

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