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29 September 1999

New TV ANYTIME FORUM to develop open standards for
digital personal content storage systems

The TV Anytime Forum has announced its formation at an inaugural meeting held in Newport Beach, CA, 27-29 September 1999. The global TV Anytime Forum has started work to develop open specifications designed to allow consumer electronics manufacturers, content creators, telcos, broadcasters and service providers to exploit high volume digital storage in consumer platforms.

The group plans to publish its first specifications in July 2000, and calls for contributions will be issued in November 1999 for a number of work areas including content referencing, metadata and rights management. If necessary, the group will develop its own technologies to meet requirements.

The group has also announced its intention to make details of its work, including working documents, available publicly on its Web site (

A key objective is to specify essential technologies for content rights management. The Forum plans extensive consultation with the content creation and distribution industries.

The 28 inaugural member organisations from Europe, the USA, and Asia, are drawn from a wide variety of industries: Traditional Broadcasters, Internet Broadcasters, Content Owners, Service Providers, Telcos, Consumer Electronics Manufacturers, IT Industries, Professional Equipment Manufacturers, Component Manufacturers and Software Vendors.

Simon Parnall, elected Chairman of the TV Anytime Forum, said

"TV Anytime will allow viewers to watch programs in the way they want and when they want. Viewers will be able to explore and acquire TV content from a variety of sources, including traditional broadcast and new on-line interactive services - for presentation at any time. TV Anytime will combine the immediacy of television with the flexibility of the Internet".

Standardized content referencing/APIs/metadata are needed to enable solutions that can be adopted by multiple vendors or system operators. The advantages for both consumers and the industry are expected to be substantial. The potential benefits and new revenue opportunities are summarised in "TV Anytime - Opportunities" issued by the TV Anytime Forum, and available on the Website.

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