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Geneva - 28th July 2005 - The TV-Anytime Forum (TVAF) today announced it has successfully completed the specifications that will enable revolutionary new ways for the public to access audio visual programming, preparing the ground for a new generation of consumer devices.


The release of its final, second phase specifications to ETSI, adds significant new functionality to the phase one work published by ETSI in 2003, and marks an important step change in how content providers and advertisers can now attract the attention of consumers in an increasingly diverse media world.


Next for the TV-Anytime Forum is implementation of its work  and it announces today the launch of regional Developers and Users’ Groups to help move the industry into this next roll-out phase.


“Since our first meeting in Reston, Virginia exactly 6 years ago we have met all the challenges the broadcast, media and advertising markets have given us” said Simon Parnall, Chairman of the Forum since its inception in 1999. “The TV-Anytime specifications now offer all sectors of the industry the tools that will allow consumers to search for, find, select and enjoy the widest possible range of content, from the broadcast, VOD, mobile and IPTV world. These specifications will help in creating a flow of rich metadata from content providers and advertisers, to broadcasters and service providers, and then ultimately to consumers, making the television viewing experience both simpler and richer.”


Adam Hume, Vice Chairman of the Forum and convenor of the Business Models group said “From the outset TV-Anytime’s main purpose was to provide the industry with open, standard tools that allow interoperability across the entire range of consumer devices. Today, with the release of our phase two specifications we have addressed the needs of advertisers too, as well as many non-linear services”

A group of developers and implementers will now meet with the Forum in Geneva to agree how TV-Anytime can move from the development phase to the implementation and roll out phase.  More groups will be meeting regionally to assist implementers.


 “As one door closes, another opens” said Simon Parnall,   “Around the world, groups now have the opportunity to take our standard and make it live - to integrate TV-Anytime into consumer products, and business to business systems, in a way that enhances existing value chains and opens the way to developing new and exciting revenue opportunities.”


“The world of on-demand and time shifted content has brought with it challenges and threats that content providers are only just beginning to grapple with. Those that embrace TV-Anytime, and in particular the phase two work, already see ways in which they can improve the way they label, promote and target their services to the consumer”


Editors note:  About the TV-Anytime Forum

Formed in 1999, the TV-Anytime Forum’s remit was to develop open specifications for interoperable and integrated systems that will allow consumer electronics manufacturers, content creators, telecommunications companies, broadcasters and other service providers to most effectively utilize high-volume digital storage in consumer devices. The group invited international participation from all interested organizations and held meetings in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific to ensure the specifications had a truly international relevance.

For further information, contact TVAF Chairman, Simon Parnall ( or TVAF's Administrator Mark Saunders (, or +44 1737 358 799).