About the TV-Anytime Forum


The principal objective of the TV Anytime Forum is to encourage the development of TV and related multimedia services based on the use of persistent personal media storage, irrespective of the manner of content delivery.

The Forum will develop publicly available technical specifications aimed at the needs of all participants in the business chain, such as content producers/owners, service providers, network operators, software developers, hardware manufacturers and end users or consumers. An essential element of the Forum's work will be to enable interoperability and end-to-end system integration.

The TV-Anytime Forum specification work is split into two phases:

  • Phase 1: Search, select, acquire and rightfully utilise material on a local storage device from both broadcast and online sources - Focus: Personal Digital Recorder (PDR)
  • Phase 2: Transfer material between local storage devices using home networks and exchangeable data, and to ‚micro-navigate‘ around rich content - Focus: Network Digital Recorder (NDR)
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last updated: 19 March 2003