TV-Anytime Forum: Phase One

Phase 1 is the first full and synchronized set of specifications established by the TV-Anytime Forum. This following table describes an evolutionary range of features that are supported by the normative specification documents for Metadata, Content Referencing, and Rights Management and Protection, which are S3, S4, and S5 respectively, and are numbered as Versions 1.X.

Model Profile Level Feature (directly enabled by the specification 1.x)
1 Broadcast Level 1 Capture and playback of audio, video and data [4]
Use of ECG to find and capture broadcast content
1 Broadcast Level 2 Personal indexing on captured content
Playback of content in highlight or indexed mode
Support of user preferences and profiles
1 Broadcast Level 3 Cross linking of content to related content [1]
Capture and playback segments of programs
Dynamic insertion of segments during playback
Content can be updated/replaced/appended by newer in-coming versions [2]
2 Return Path Level Verification of delivery of content to PDR
Verification of updating of content on PDR
Verification of usage of content on PDR [3]
Ability to collect user profile data
[1] Various types of content can be cross-linked using MediaLocator (see Metadata specification S-3.) In TVA Current Release, the program metadata does not contain a CRID for cross-linking to other programs.
[2] Entire programs can be overwritten, but segments of programs cannot be overwritten in current release
[3] Collection of information regarding viewer usage of content is enabled in TVA Release 1A. The method of accessing the information by the service provider is not specified in Release 1A. This may be an implementation issue.
[4] The RMP specification currently supports audio video content primarily with data content protection part of current work

These specifications will enable search, select, acquire and rightful use of content on local and/or remote personal storage systems from both broadcast and online services. These features require firm standardization.

There will be further TV-Anytime phases published and Business Models for Phase 2 are currently being defined to include Private and public domains, portable recordable media, super distribution (legal sharing of content between consumers), peripheral device support and mobile devices, amongst others.

last updated: 19 March 2003