3 February 2000

TV ANYTIME FORUM gains key members, announces major NAB 2000 event
Group breaks ground on specification for personal video recording

At its fourth organizational meeting in Sunnyvale, CA on February 1-3, 2000, the TV-Anytime Forum reached a major milestone in its membership ranks, which now stands at 54 organisations. The Forum now counts among its members all of today's major vendors of personal video recorders, along with dozens of other companies involved in the emerging digital media industry worldwide.

The Forum also announced that it would sponsor a major event at the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters Convention, to be held in Las Vegas, NV, April 10-13, 2000. Member companies of the TV-Anytime Forum will present papers and demonstrations in a special suite dedicated to the Forum's activities for the entirety of the Convention. A press conference and VIP reception will also be sponsored by the group to introduce the industry to its work and membership.

"Personal Digital Recorders (PDRs) are set to revolutionise the way content is distributed and used, and to enable a range of exciting opportunities for content providers, service providers, broadcasters and consumers alike," said Simon Parnall, Manager of Systems Development at NDS, who serves as chairman of the TV-Anytime Forum. Citing the timeliness and importance of NAB 2000 for this market sector, Parnall noted, "We're now seeing large corporations fuelled by the prospect of on-line content delivery. Generic specifications are urgently required, and we need to work in partnership with the wider industry as these are created." The TV Anytime @ NAB 2000 event will be held in Room N210 of the Las Vegas Convention Center, starting at 9:00 am on Monday, April 10, and continuing throughout the run of the convention.

At the Sunnyvale meeting the Forum also made significant progress toward its primary goal of setting standards for the personal digital recording industry. A series of requirements documents were drafted along with informative documentation intended to assist the industry in the development of new business models that will exploit the very different world of TV viewing that personal digital recording will engender. These documents will be published in April, 2000.

Formed in 1999, the TV-Anytime Forum is developing open specifications for interoperable and integrated systems that will allow broadcasters and other service providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, content creators and telecommunications companies to most effectively utilize high-volume digital storage in consumer devices. The group invites participation from all interested organizations. At present its meetings are held at approximately two-month intervals in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Information (including a listing of current member organisations) is available at
http://www.tv-anytime.org, and officers of the TV-Anytime Forum may be contacted as follows:-


Simon Parnall, NDS UK
email: sparnall@ndsuk.com

Vice Chairmen:

Henry Chadwick, IBM
email: hdchad@us.ibm.com

Sakae Okubo
email: okubo@giti.or.jp

Elisabeth Ecoffey
email: ecoffey@ebu.ch

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