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In Geneva on the 26th and 27th July 2005, the TV-Anytime Forum celebrated its final (35th) meeting which marked the success of the Forum in achieving its objectives to publish the TV-Anytime Specifications.

Following the publication of the Phase 1 specifications in 2003, the Phase 2 specifications have now been also been published by ETSI.

Since its inception in 1999, more than 100 companies and 500 individuals have contributed to the work of the TV-Anytime Forum.

Regional Groups comprising users of the TV-Anytime specifications are now being formed to establish TV-Anytime compliant PVRs and systems through the broadcast chain.

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After more than two years of work by the "Registration Taskforce" of the TV-Anytime Forum, it has received confirmation that the TV-Anytime CRID will become a RFC - the Internet communities' version of an International Standard.

As well as having a RFC that describes the CRID syntax, the CRID will become an IETF-registered URL prefix, so that a device can know that any URL that begins "crid://" is a TV-Anytime CRID.



The site also provides information about the various working groups of the TV-Anytime Forum and the documents that they are producing, including the specification documents already published by the TV-Anytime Forum.

Finally, this is the place to find details about the forthcoming meetings & events of the TV-Anytime Forum as well as about the member companies of the forum.

last updated: 08th June  2005