TV-Anytime Forum @ IBC 2003
By the time of IBC 2003 in September, the TVA content referencing and metadata specifications should have been ratified by ETSI. It will be an even more significant time to demonstrate the implementation of the TVA specifications to show that they are real. Ideally, we will be able to get close to an end-to-end TVA demonstration from content creation through consumption by a consumer.

The TVAF Board of Directors has accepted the offer of the Pro-MPEG Forum to participate in their Interoperability Centre at IBC 2003. As at IBC 2002, the Pro-MPEG Forum Interoperability Centre at IBC 2003 will be in a “meeting room” which is built on the floor of Hall 3 of the RAI convention center. The TVAF expects to have two demonstration units in the Interoperability Centre at IBC, as we did at NAB2003.

In order to allow participants in the TVAF demonstrations at IBC as much time as possible to prepare, we are starting the IBC planning process now. We will have phone conferences to plan for IBC beginning in late May and continuing into June to establish:

  1. The exact nature and description of the TVA demonstrations for IBC
  2. Which TVAF members are responsible for providing which products and services for the IBC demonstrations
  3. What equipment and infrastructure is required for the demonstrations and which TVAF demonstration participants are providing the equipment
  4. A detailed project plan for developing, integrating, and testing the demonstrations.

If your company:

  1. is a TVAF member,
  2. is interested in participating in the TVAF demonstrations at IBC 2003,
  3. has TVA-compliant products and/or services that you are willing to commit toward the TVAF demonstrations at IBC 2003, and
  4. is willing to commit the resources (e.g., hardware, software, and people) toward planning, developing, integrating, and testing the TVAF demonstrations as well as setting-up the demonstrations and supporting the TVAF exhibit during IBC,

please reply to this message no later than Friday, 16 May 2003 regarding the TVA functional capabilities that you ware willing and able to provide for inclusion in the TVAF demonstrations at IBC 2003. If you want to participate in IBC, but are not fully able to confirm commitment by May 16 of specific capabilities and resources, please reply with an indication of your current ideas regarding your participation in IBC and when you think you can finalize your commitment to participating.

Given our excellent showing and visibility at NAB 2003, the TVAF demonstrations should receive significant interest within the television broadcast community at IBC 2003.

last updated: 30 April 2003