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6 May 2002

TV-Anytime Forum Issues Phase 2 Call for Contributions
Next generation of Personal Digital Recorder functionality to be explored

The TV-Anytime Forum has inaugurated the second phase of its work on establishing open standards for Personal Digital Recorders (PDRs) with the release of a Call for Contributions to its Phase 2 Specifications.

The new Call focuses specifically on New Content Types, Targeting and Redistribution. New Content Types include digital media other than linear audio/video programs, such as still images, music, games, software applications and other interactive services. Targeting refers to the ability to deliver personalized or otherwise differentiated content to individual PDRs. Redistribution involves peer-to-peer sharing, home networking and the use of removable media with stored content on users' PDRs.

The Call queries the digital media industry at large for requirements, technologies and participation in these emerging areas of PDR development. It builds upon the requirements and specifications already developed by the Forum in the areas of Business Models, System & Transport Interfaces, Content Referencing, Metadata, and Rights Management & Protection for PDRs. This work is intended to allow broadcasters and other service providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, content creators and telecommunications companies to maximize effective use of high-capacity digital storage in interoperable and highly integrated consumer devices.

In announcing the Call for Contributions, TV-Anytime Forum Chairman Simon Parnall said, "We are thrilled to embark upon this exciting second phase of our work. The uptake of our Phase 1 family of specifications has been rapid and widespread, so we are strongly encouraged to move forward toward extending the possibilities offered by mass storage of personal media." Parnall is bullish on the prospects for the PDR, adding, "Without a doubt, this is one of the most significant developing areas of new technology, and The TV-Anytime Forum's Phase 2 work intends to accelerate this dynamic by enabling even more compelling features, services and business opportunities."

The Call for Contribution and other documents published by the TV-Anytime Forum are available through the Forum's website at This site also contains detailed information on membership and activities of the Forum.

The TV-Anytime Forum encourages all interested organizations to review the Call for Contributions, and welcomes responses. Contributions relating to Requirements are due June 4, 2002 (although later submissions may be accepted at the Forum's discretion). Contributions relating to Technologies are due September 17, 2002, although Technologies relating to Rights Management and Protection will be accepted until November 5, 2002. All Contributions should be addressed as follows:

TV-Anytime Forum
c/o Dave Marples
Global Inventures, Inc.
2694 Bishop Drive, Suite 275
San Ramon, CA 94583 USA
+1 925 275 6648
+1 925 275 6691 fax

About the TV-Anytime Forum
Formed in 1999, the TV-Anytime Forum is developing open specifications for interoperable and integrated systems that will allow consumer electronics manufacturers, content creators, telecommunications companies, broadcasters and other service providers to most effectively utilize high-volume digital storage in consumer devices. The group invites participation from all interested organizations. At present its meetings are held at approximately two-month intervals in Europe, North America and Asia.

For further information, contact the Chairman, Simon Parnall ( or Dave Marples ( Additional information, including a complete listing of the 80+ current member companies, is available at

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